Isabelle, IS available, for Teaching-Entertaining at your Holiday PARTY

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Class Schedule

Argentine Tango Salon
Class Schedule

My Zumba Class:
Cardio Salsa Aerobics
w/Back Rehabilation... Including Pilates & Yoga

Class Schedule
"Private Dance Lessons"

Isabelle is much MORE, than just an...
experienced & excellent dance Instructor.

Isabelle is the BEST Instructor for beginners, why?

1) She specializes on people with 2 left feet
2) She will ALWAYS find the A way to get you to do it.
3) She is the rythym specialist,
and most importantly...

She is considered
"A Dance Therapist"
for Singles & Couples.

Isabelle believes that dancing is the best Anti-Depressant.

During our private lessons,
I can help you reveal & address
any type of personal issues

How we relate to dancing, has a lot to do,
with how we are with ourselves and our partners.


Our Dance Lounge space
has a very welcoming vibe
and it looks and feels like a
charming & sexy Night Club

Perfect place to meet someone friendly
to practice your dance moves

People keep coming back...
as they like to run into each other

The Diva's PlayHouse Presents:
Bachelorette Party Ideas: Pole, Lap, Dancing Parties
A Sexy Bachelorette Party Trend in Los Angeles.
Best Pole Dancing Parties!


Isabelle's Salsa Instructional DVD
The most complete & most informational Period!
"Basic Salsa 101"

You can preview & order Isabelle's
Salsa Instructional DVD to your left.




Los Angeles Style Salsa Classes
& Social Dancing

Los Angeles, Pole Dancing Bachelorette Parties,
Did I say Party?


Isabelle' s Dance Academy is the perfect place, to host a sexy pole lap dancing
bachelorette party at her charming and intimate dance studio set up.

Isabelle's team of Professional Strippers and Pole Dancing Instructors,
will show the bride and all her friends how
to feel like a million dollars in your own skin.

The Instructors at Isabelle's Dance Academy are hand picked
from a huge amount of professional strippers instructors
to give you the best experience of your life.
You will have an un-forget-able experience loaded with fun You will learn how to feel empowered by your
own inner and outer beauty-full sexy you.

Moving sexy is something you learn to feel more and more comfortable with.

We teach pole lap stripping and exotic dancing to all
the regular women out there that want to do an amazing work-out
and learn to be and feel sexy all at once




Watch Isabelle's Salsa Dance Company:
"LLego EL Sabor"
performing at the Mayan Dance Team Competition 2006.

(Click on image)
Watch Isabelle's Salsa Dance Company:
"LLego EL Sabor"
debuting their performance
at the World Largest Salsa Congress, here is L.A 2006!

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Isabelle's produced
Instructional DVD.


SALSA by the SEA

A FUN SALSA Night OUT with an amazing
by the historic
Santa Monica Pier


1450 Ocean Ave

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Isabelle's Dance Academy
is now a
since July 2012

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Santa Monica, CA 90405

By emailing me, you will get an answer within 24hs

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Our Salsa, Argentine Tango, Salsaerobics Fitness, or Pole/Lap Dancing class/lesson is offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Call to schedule group or private dance lessons. Casa Escobar and LA Salsa Club has "All-Nighters" and "Llego el Sabor." Our instructors teach Sexy Ladies Styling, Latin Dances such as the Cha Cha, Bachata, Meregue, and, Ballroom Dances such as the Waltz, Fox Trot, and Rumba. We offer training courses for dance teachers too! Isabelle is the owner and founder of Isabelle Dance Academy (professional dance company), and has experience as a producer, performer, choreographer,hostess, promoter, and event planner for such private events as bachelorette parties and wedding couple dance preparation in which she is "The Life the Party" providing unforgettable entertainment. She has made appearances as an actress and dancer on stage, TV and video and is a SAG member. She has won awards and recognitions in dance. Sign up and subscribe for either our salsa newsletter, our tango email newsletter or our pole/lap dancing e-newsletter. We offer Salsa, Argentine Tango, Salsaerobics and Pole/Lap Dancing Gift Certificates. Search for Dance Partners on our websi